Maraska d.d. is a producer of quality and world renowned alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks with a rich tradition that is confirmed by the slogan: FIVE CENTURIES OF TRADITION AND WORLD REPUTATION. Based on experience and recipes transmitted through the centuries, Maraska has maintained high and enduring quality of its products, thus confirming its status with generations of consumers.


Maraska’s primary goal is to continue the tradition of meeting the most demanding customers and to continually increase their level of satisfaction by incorporating the knowledge and motivation of our employees into the final product, organizational flexibility, modern technology and an active approach of all employees in order to continually improve our quality management system product safety, good manufacturing and agricultural practices. Taking into account the specific demands of customers and consumers, Maraska has met all the conditions and actions required to obtain the HALAL quality certificate.

Using traditional legacy, Maraska’s administration is committed to maintaining a tradition of natural and healthy production using the latest advances in modern technology to achieve its goals: “Producing quality and safe products with environmentally friendly technology”.

To achieve these goals, we continuously monitor business ethics and business efficiency, as well as differences in the ethical and legal standards of our society and the environment. Decisions are made in accordance with the requirements of traditional and social values ​​and norms, taking into account individual responsibility, individual freedom, productivity, human dignity, communion, fairness and equality. Maraska’s Management will ensure that all the elements needed for modern, efficient and safe production are met:

  • Provision of quality and controlled ingredients of finished products
  • Supervision and traceability of the process at all stages
  • Perform regular monitoring and measurement as well as analysis of all critical points
  • Taking timely measures and actions in case of deviation from the set parameters
  • Ensuring superior hygienic conditions of production
  • Ensure conditions for work that do not damage or minimize damage to the environment

To achieve this, it is necessary to organize the entire work of the company in a manner that effectively manages all the processes according to predefined procedures, and to take timely and effective measures and activities for all changes and sudden events, which is achieved:

  • Organizing a customer focused business
  • By establishing a clearly defined quality management system, health safety and product safety, including positive legal regulations
  • Process access management
  • Applying a risk-based approach
  • Investing in the necessary resources for continuous improvement of technology and employees.
  • Satisfied and motivated employees
  • Satisfied customers, shareholders and the entire community

Maraska’s Management Board assumes responsibility and expresses its firm commitment to the respect of these principles. Maraska d.d. is a customer focused company, where all resources are invested in continuous training, and management is managed by establishing a clearly defined quality and safety system. By promoting the application of a process approach and approach based on risk, we can maintain a high level of quality of system management results in a high degree of customer satisfaction, which can be summarized as “Superior quality to follow the past and build the future.”

In Zadar, 6th of October 2017