Corporate responsibility

Maraska is strategically committed to the socially responsible behavior in all its aspects. Care for all employees, buyers, partners, suppliers and final consumers are for Maraska always in the first place. Also in the terms of improving Corporate Management Maraska created the Code of Corporate Governance, which contains established guidelines of ethical conduct and management of business entities within the Croatian economy.


As one of the leading producers of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks Maraska is particularly dedicated and gives special attention toward the implementation of environmental policy. All activities related to the environmental protection are in accordance with applicable legal regulations of Republic of Croatia. In a process of building a new factory in 2006 special attention was given to fulfill all the environmental standards and requirements. This refers mainly to the implementation of the Environmental Protection Law, the Waste Law, the Water Law, the Law on Air Protection and the Law on Soil Protection.

In this way set environmental protection implies a comprehensive solution for all organizational units, which means using the best energy sources, waste management as well as permanent prevention of negative impact on environment, both the production and products.

Work in production units is developed in accordance with the Environmental Management Policy in following ways:

  • by using environmentally safe materials
  • by reduction of waste and its proper classification and disposal
  • by selecting recyclable packing materials
  • by reducing the exploitation of natural resources
  • by raising awareness of all our employees and business partners about their impact on the environment.

When developing the new production processes the biggest attention is always given to the factors that affect the environment.

Our long-term plan and vision is to introduce the integrated environmental management system into the business according to the international norms.

Sponsorship and Donations

Over the years of business Maraska has always aspired to be a partner who cares about the community that surrounds it.

By continuously communication and cooperation with its community Maraska has proven to be socially responsible and sensitive partner.

Priorities on this issue have always had children, helpless people, education and science, culture, humanitarian purposes as well as sports activities.

The leading criteria for the donations were and are the benefits for a wider community.