Cocktail Collection

Cocktails are drinks that are very popular and that almost everyone loves to drink. One of the reasons is that in addition to pleasant taste, you can have fun looking at the various stunts that bartenders perform while preparing your favorite cocktail. The history of cocktails begins with the time when Mr. Jerry Thomas carried a silver dish to a hotel where he worked, in which he mixed drinks and where he put ice to crush and to make it a cocktail. After that, he published the book in which he promised to give all the recipes for cocktails, but he deceived the public andactually hid the recipes for cocktails. He is considered the man who started the history of cocktails in the mid-19th century in the city that never sleeps. Maraska cocktail collection consists of carefully selected and prepared flavored liqueurs, which, together with non-alcoholic syrups, make a complete set of recognizable Maraska quality and modern trends in the catering industry. The cocktail collection consists of eight distinctive flavored liqueurs and six most recognizable syrups.